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Posts tagged as “Telangana”

10th students asked why TRS won 2014 elections in board exams

10th class students in Telangana were in for a shock when Social Studies Paper 2 in the ongoing board exams had a question: Why did TRS secure more seats in 2014 elections?

What is the intent of this question? To answer this question and get marks, students have to write something positive about TRS. Guess what do you think students will immediately come up with: TRS is responsible for the formation of Telangana state. Obviously, the students and employees who sacrificed their education and career for Telangana are forgotten and so are those hundreds of people who sacrificed their lives.

Killing democracy, one step at a time!

In 2014 Telangana Legislative Assembly elections, TRS had 34% vote share and won 63 seats, while Congress had 25% vote share and won 21 seats. Out of these 21 Congressmen, TRS poached 7 MLAs who shifted from Congress to TRS. In the ongoing budget session, all the remaining Congress MLAs were either expelled or suspended on the very first day of the session. This is killing democracy one step at a time.