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Welfare schemes in Telangana – A tale of unfulfilled promises

A quick study of the budgets and audit reports of Telangana makes it clear that the poll promises made by TRS government for welfare of the people - Fees reimbursement for students, Martyrs in Telangana movement,  SC, ST, BC and Minorities welfare - have been tall claims that remain largely unfulfilled. The alacrity with which funds are allocated during the budgets when wide publicity is given to government schemes is absent when the actual implementation happens. Not only is the allocation of funds for the welfare much lower than the election promises made by TRS, but also utilization of funds allocated is dismal. 

Liquor economy of Telangana

As per Telangana's latest Budget for the financial year 2018-19, out of the total state taxes of Rs. 73,752 Crores, the revenues from liquor sale is projected to be Rs. 21,600 Crores. Or, out of every ten rupees Telangana mops up, three rupees come from excise and VAT collected on liquor sale. During the TRS regime, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of revenues collected from liquor sale is 26%.