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Posts tagged as “Telangana”

Sep 17th: Telangana’s tryst with India’s fate

September 17 is the day on which new history unfolded in Telangana. Shockingly, describing this day has now turned into a matter of serious political riffraff-stirring. However, it is surely a day of re-dedication for the general population of Telangana. Each pleased and energetic Indian in Telangana ought to commend it at any rate Sep 17th as a day of Telangana's tryst with India's fate.

Welfare schemes in Telangana – A tale of unfulfilled promises

A quick study of the budgets and audit reports of Telangana makes it clear that the poll promises made by TRS government for welfare of the people - Fees reimbursement for students, Martyrs in Telangana movement,  SC, ST, BC and Minorities welfare - have been tall claims that remain largely unfulfilled. The alacrity with which funds are allocated during the budgets when wide publicity is given to government schemes is absent when the actual implementation happens. Not only is the allocation of funds for the welfare much lower than the election promises made by TRS, but also utilization of funds allocated is dismal. 

Shelved ITIR Project – A trail of unanswered questions

Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) project with an estimated investment potential of Rs. 2.19 lakh Crores and employment opportunity for nearly 68 lakh people in Hyderabad remains a non-starter because of deficient planning by TRS government in Telangana. Moreover, lack of initiative by TRS government to take up this mammoth project leaves behind a trail of unanswered questions.