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Posts published in “Opinion”

Devolution is a double-edged sword

It’s ironical that KCR while demanding devolution of more powers to states and a federal setup in the country, is diluting the powers vested on local bodies by the constitution and subjecting democratically elected representatives to the diktats of bureaucracy!

Sri Reddy and sexual harassment in Tollywood

This entire sequence of events only make evident a strong coterie culture in Telugu film industry which differentiates insiders from outsiders where few people in powerful positions call shots and others are not allowed to break-in. It is important for film stars and technicians at the senior level to initiate a healthy debate on the darker side of film industry. It is high time one takes a stance and steer this debate towards a meaningful conclusion. 

Ambedkar and clash of colors

One may paint Ambedkar Saffron or Blue but if one fails to understand that the awakening he fought for all his life is deep within - to strive hard and succeed by getting educated despite whatever hurdles life gives us - it certainly would not be a sweet smelling color.