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Three Cs of Indian politics and the new normal

Few months ago, there was a survey done by a Facebook Page that I follow which asked a simple question - what ails Indian politics? Scrolling through the numerous answers posted by the page followers, I noticed three Cs that kept recurring - Corruption, Casteism and Communalism. In couple of months we as a nation would turn 75, yet these three Cs continue to haunt us.

Streamlining Raithu Bandhu

Two quick fixes to help make Raithu Bandhu better focussed by targeting the right beneficiaries.

Firstly, those land holdings that are more than 10 acres could be taken off the list of beneficiaries, thereby saving 14% of the project cost or roughly Rs. 2,000 crores per annum.

Secondly, by making sure Raithu Bandhu scheme is only applicable for the land if the farmer cultivates the land, 30% of the project cost or roughly Rs. 4,500 crores per annum can be saved.

Devolution is a double-edged sword

It’s ironical that KCR while demanding devolution of more powers to states and a federal setup in the country, is diluting the powers vested on local bodies by the constitution and subjecting democratically elected representatives to the diktats of bureaucracy!