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Devolution is a double-edged sword

‪It’s ironical that KCR while demanding devolution of more powers to states and a federal setup in the country, is diluting the powers vested on local bodies by the constitution and subjecting democratically elected representatives to the diktats of bureaucracy!

Bureaucrats maybe better trained and they are certainly strong pillars of this edifice called democracy, but we got our freedom after lot of struggle and there is no way we are going to throw it away, not even to the better trained and mostly well-intentioned bureaucrats!

Elected representatives – whether it be in the parliament, legislative assemblies, municipalities or gram sabhas – are OUR representatives and I think failing to respect that would be a great disservice to the democratic principles we believe in.

KCR Sir, you can’t argue both sides! You can’t complain that central government should rather focus on macro-economy and external affairs while delegating other jobs to states, when you act a dictator at home unleashing your fury on local body representatives!