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Sep 17th: Telangana’s tryst with India’s fate

Tharun Thatikonda

September 17 is the day on which new history unfolded in Telangana. Shockingly, describing this day has now turned into a matter of serious political riffraff-stirring.

Indeed, even as the Indians the nation over praised freedom on August 15, 1947, tri-shading couldn’t spread out in the then Hyderabad State. The august State was coordinated with the Indian Union on September 17, 1948. It is, in this way, a noteworthy day in Telangana for its joining with Indian Union.

Be that as it may, there is a political setting to the combination. The incorporation of Hyderabad was not a smooth progress. The Nizam of Hyderabad declined to consent and esteemed autonomous desire. The Telangana individuals’ outfitted battle drove by Communists valiantly battled the absolutist lord and the monstrous medieval administration propagated by the rulers.

The State Congress and the activists of Arya Samaj were likewise part of the development to expel the Nizam and the primitive dictatorship encompassing him. A great many Telalganites set out their lives at the sacrificial table of the battle for the locale’s freedom. Sardar Patel sent Indian Army to render a last hit to the Hyderabad ruler, in this manner incorporating the royal State into the Indian Union.

It’s inappropriate to describe Nizam run and the general population’s battle against it as Hindu-Muslim battle. Be that as it may, the truth was Hindu proprietors bolstered Nizam. Indeed, even Muslims were a piece of hostile to Nizam battle. It was basically a battle against primitive persecution and fundamentalist convicts as Raza Kars who were let free on Telangana society by the then rulers to propagate their government and medieval administration.

In this way, the religious fundamentalism ought not be seen in disengagement. It was an instrumentality of government and severe feudalism. Be that as it may, both the legislative issues of minority pacification and bashing need to give it a religious shading. The normal Muslim has nothing to do with their rulers. The penances of individuals like Shoaib Ullah Khan can’t be overlooked.

There is an endeavor to extol everything without exception that Nizam govern speaks to. Nizam was the wealthiest lord. The general population were pauperized. By what method would this be able to happen if the ruler was unselfish? It can’t be a mischance of history. The humongous hole between the rulers and the ruled says a lot about illustrious and primitive allotment.

However, the general population of Telangana got freed from the severe ruler and the landowners disparaged by him, on September 17, the libertarian social, political and financial request as aimed by the Telangana masses was not introduced. In this way it is mostly a Freedom Day.

Some even call it a double-crossing day as well. However, this is an outrageous elucidation. The general population of Telangana never battled against India however they opposed to safeguard their entitlement to till their hard-battled arrive. Calling it a selling out day would just undermine the eminent penances of Telangana saints. Disregard whether it is a reconciliation or Freedom Day.

It is surely a day of re-dedication for the general population of Telangana. Each pleased and energetic Indian in Telangana ought to commend it at any rate Sep 17th as a day of Telangana’s tryst with India’s fate.